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So glad you found us… it must have been fate. We are so happy you're here. We promise not to disappoint you.  We have so many amazing things to share with you thanks to our amazing partnership with our friends at “A Little Bit Of Chill”.  Cali and fam have dreamt up all sorts of juicy mind bending, life changing workshops, courses & tools that will quite literally hack your mind!  So if you're ready to jump in and change the way you think for a more positive, happy life… find something that floats your boat below. It will be worth it ;)


Clarity Cafe & A little Bit of Chill

We are teaming up for extra fun !


A Little Bit Of Chill offers a variety of juicy, mind bending courses, workshops, immersive tools and practical exercises to help you with this crazy ride called life.



Do you want to build a better relationship with yourself and those you love? Wouldn't it be nice to feel more optimistic, happier, & less riddled with anxiety? Perhaps you want to manifest that dream job, your tribe, or the life you always wanted!


Relationships Are Tricky

Anyone who says they have mastered every relationship in their life is either the luckiest human ever, is speaking complete BS or there are some kind of boundaries/needs being ignored?!. Either way, we don't care if you're in a relationship or wanting out of one, no judgement here - We just know that we all need a little help and some practical steps and tools to help us navigate relationships on the regular. This course helps you figure out the types of relationships you're manifesting and why, keeps you honest about your needs, helps you let go of old relationship trauma and heal. 

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Helping you manifest those dream relationships in your life

We are so GLAD you made it here

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My life will never be the same and it's all thanks to Cali and Barb!

Kate Maple

I've seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Cali and Barb!

David Cordova

Cali and Barb showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to love life again. 

Rebecca Walters


"Life Is Messy, Real, Raw And Rockin!"

Be Happy

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Meet Cali - Cali is our cool as a cucumber host of A Little Bit Of Chill Podcast and co-host of The Clarity Cafe Podcast who has a crazy awesome gift to share with y'all. With a brilliantly honed 6th sense, Cali can tap into her intuition and help peeps figure out all their juicy feels. Part philosophical student, part abstract theorist, looonnggg time spiritual teacher and creator of the #MindsetHacking phenomenon @alittlebitofchillpodcast…. Cali is a mind blowingly interesting human, all round good person and fiercely proud dog momma.


Barb Bio Info


Meet Barb - Barb is not only momma bear cohost of The Clarity Cafe Podcast, sharing her one part tough love and one part soothing life vibes across the airwaves on the reg… but she's also a pioneering medical practice co-founder, master of yoga and medical Qigong, and an all-around badass woman. Join Barb weekly as she muses on life with her Clarity Sister Cali, or find her running point person @BioresetMedical... who everyone comes to for advice in between some insane Biohacking shenanigans ;)



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